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Join us at “Is Giftedness a Gift or a Curse?”

February 1, 2011

Please join us for our first webinar-watching session!

We’ll view  “Is It a Gift or a Curse?:  What it means to be an Outlier…and what to do about it!”, a previously recorded lecture from SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted).   Afterwards, we’ll have time for a little discussion about how the presenter’s insights into giftedness relate to our and our children’s lives.

Wed., February 9, noon to 1:00+

– or-

Thurs., February 10, 7 p.m to 9 p.m.

Willson Board Room, 404 W Main, Bozeman

Each session is the same, come to the session that best fits your schedule.  There is no admission charge and anyone interested in giftedness is welcome.

This will be the first of a series of  sponsored by Gallatin Gifted Group (G3) for the community.


Synopsis of this month’s webinar topic:

Being gifted may mean not fitting in easily with institutions, conventions or social groupings.  It may make it harder to find friends.  It may make it more difficult to be understood or accepted.

This SENGinar will look at what it means to be different from the larger group and explore ways to navigate friends, family, work and other institutions gracefully, peacefully and effectively.

Taking a page from Dr. Temple Grandin and the book Outliers, we will explore the promise, the advantages and the navigational challenges of being somewhat different from the majority population.  We will talk about giftedness as our advantage, our “invisibility cloak” and our unique perspective on an increasingly homogenized culture.

The goal is to transcend a “victim focus” while viewing our practical problems and stresses with more sophistication and precision.

The presenter, Victoria Ragsdell, Ph.D.,  is a licensed clinical psychologist and Director of the Louisville Gifted Center.  Victoria is also a professional storyteller and she’s always ready to hear (or tell) a good story!

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