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Action alert: MT cuts gifted program funds

February 13, 2011

The Joint Appropriation Sub Committee on Education has made a recommendation to cut all funding for Gifted Education.  The final vote has not happened and Republican committee members need to hear from supporters of gifted education.

To protest in person: There is a committee hearing Monday, February 14, 9 am to noon in room 472 of the State Capitol. Senator Hawks of Bozeman is on the committee and he says that if we fill the halls with supporters of gifted ed we can, possibly, make a difference.  You do not have to speak but you are welcome to speak if you want.  If you choose to speak, Senator Hawks recommends staying short and to the point with emphasis on how heavy the impact of these cuts will be. He said not everyone needs to speak; large numbers of supporters filling the halls will send a powerful message.

To protest by email or phone: Senator Hawks said that emails and phone calls are effective as well.  No need to contact Democratic members of the sub-committee since they all voted for gifted ed but please contact the following Republican members of the committee:

Representative Roy Hollandsworth
Representative Ryan Osmundson
Senator Debby Barrett
Senator LLew Jones

You can leave a message for the senators or representatives at this number: 406-444-4800

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