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Let’s Talk About Overexcitabilities

March 21, 2011

How are gifted kids different from other kids?  It’s not just a matter of academic learning; there are also social and emotional differences.

Join Gallatin Gifted Group at our next meeting to view and discuss the presentation, “Understanding Overexcitabilities – The Joys and the Challenges”, presented by Susan Daniels, PhD.  Daniels will present Dabrowski’s Theory about the seven ways in which gifted people are more intense and suggest strategies for channeling their expression most positively.

Learning about overexcitabilities is a great tool for better understanding our gifted children and developing coping mechanisms.

April 13 noon to 1:30 @ Willson Library, 404 W Main -or-
April 14 7pm to 9pm @ Willson Board Room, 404 W Main

There is no admission charge and anyone interested in giftedness is welcome.  This is the 3rd in a series sponsored by Gallatin Gifted Group (G3) for the community.

Looking for more information about Dabrowski’s Theory? Once you understand the theory, pick up a bunch of tips for how to manage overexcitabilities from SENG’s 4-page article, “Getting Over Overexcitabilities: Effectively Managing Family
Interactions when Family Members Have Different Overexcitabilities“.  Hoagies Gifted has a a lesson plan for middle school students.  Living with Intensity is one of the best books on the topic.

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