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Calling all Mathletes!

October 1, 2011

Middle school and high school kids who excel at math should consider competing in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC).

Why would a student voluntarily take another math test?

  • To see how he or she compares to other math students across the nation.
  • For bragging rights on college applications.  “Elite universities that routinely reject students with 800 SAT scores require and respect AMC test scores”, says Dr. Andreescu.  MIT and CalTech have a place on their applications for AMC/AIME scores.
  • To try to earn a place on the USA’s International Math Olympiad team.

Here is a brief synopsis of the various AMC tests and the path to International Math Olympiad.  Complete information about AMC is on the AMC website.

There also a great book, “Countdown”, which chronicles the efforts of the American team that took the gold medal at the International Math Olympiad.  Reading the book can help a mathlete grasp what to expect and what the opportunities are for students who sit for the AMC exam.


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