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A Gift for Your Pediatrician

November 15, 2011

Although many doctors are probably gifted themselves, med school training typically doesn’t even touch on the symptoms of giftedness.  Thus, we run the risk that gifted children may be misdiagnosed with things that doctors are trained to diagnose, or that they miss a diagnosis because the giftedness is masking something else.

Help your pediatrician out by gifting him or her a copy of the best book on the topic, Dr. James T. Webb’s Misdiagnosis And Dual Diagnoses Of Gifted Children And Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger’s, Depression, And Other Disorders.

It might also be helpful to give him a copy of the SENG article, “Where does a Pediatric Doctor Fit in the Care of Gifted Children?” as an explanation for why you chose to give him the book.

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