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Kudos to Bozeman School District

December 4, 2011

Bozeman schools are implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) for all kids, not just those in special ed.  This means that gifted kids’ needs for accelerated instruction are more likely to be noticed.  You can read the whole story in the Bozeman Chronicle.  Here are some highlights:

Wendy Morical, coordinator of the PEAKS program for gifted students, said she’s a fan of RtI because “it creates a space for conversation (among teachers) about every kid.”

Increasingly, if a gifted child is bored because the pace of a regular class is too slow, teachers are coming up with ways to enrich the gifted student’s learning as well.

“Walk to read” and “walk to math” provide a means to get the ability grouping (or “cluster grouping”) and differentiation that gifted students need to be challenged in school.

But now, Bozeman’s schools have a variety of intervention tools, like “walk to read” and “walk to math” classes. Elementary students are grouped according to their abilities or struggles in reading and math and then walk to the appropriate classroom where teachers give intensive instruction targeted to their level.

Gifted students typically enter school already knowing 80% of what is going to be covered that school year.  Essentially, implementing RtI this way is almost like measuring “Adequate Yearly Progress” on a per-student basis, which would ensure that gifted kids also have to learn something new each year.

Keep it up, Bozeman Schools!


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  1. Mary Fran permalink
    January 4, 2012 5:51 pm

    Anderson School does these things, too!

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