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Summer Camps, Deadlines & Financial Aid

February 28, 2012

I got curious about which camps offer financial aid and which have early deadlines so I pulled together a list.

  • Almost all of them mention that they have limited need-based financial aid available. So the good news is that no gifted child need stay at home all summer due to finances.
  • The earliest deadline is Feb 29 for Stanford EPGY, but several have rolling admissions, so the earlier you apply the better chance of being admitted.

CAVEAT:  Always be aware that, unless a camp’s application process requires a test or SAT/ACT/EXPLORE/IQ scores, it may not be sufficiently advanced for your gifted child.  One summer, I sent my son to 3 “gifted” camps, but only one of them was a challenge for him.

So here’s a baker’s dozen of camps that are more-or-less for gifted kids…

Montana Camps

  1. MedStart – sophomores &juniors, June 24-30,2012, Bozeman, (other dates in Missoula, Great Falls & Billings), deadline March 16, 2012.  Free.
  2. Schwanke Institute –  high school students study math, creative writing or movies; June 17-29, 2012 , Missoula, deadline April 2, 2012. Scholarships available.
  3. Peaks & Potentials –high-ability/high-potential students in grades 5-7, Bozeman,
  4. Carroll Gifted Institute – entering fifth grade through age 14 or entering ninth grade, Helena , applications posted in April but apply immediately to get a space.   Limited tuition assistance may be available to those who demonstrate a financial need.
  5. Montana Learning Center’s Science Fair Projects Camp – entering grades 6-10, July 29-August 2, 2012, Helena (Canyon Ferry), Scholarships available.
  6. Montana Outdoor Science School – Bozeman area,  registration begins mid-March. Limited residential camps.   Scholarships available.

Out of state camps for gifted kids:

  1. Center for Bright Kids – 3 different camps for grades 4-11, Colorado School of Mines (Denver airport shuttle available), April 30 deadline, need & merit-based scholarships,
  2. Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth (with Allegiant flying to Oakland twice a week, this may be more feasible than ever before!) – ages 11-17, 6 different sessions, Palo Alto, CA , early admission Jan 18, regular admission Feb 29. Limited financial aid.
  3. Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University –many different camps for grades 4-12, including Advanced Placement courses, Chicago , May 14 deadline, financial aid available
  4. Texas Honors Summer Math Camp – high school students, June 17-July 28, 2012, San Marcos TX, (free shuttle to Austin airport), April 30 application deadline but rolling admissions, limited scholarships.
  5. Epsilon – mathletes aged 8 to 10, July 29-August 12, 2012, Colorado Springs, applications accepted started in October and ending April 30, but earlier applications recommended.  Limited financial aid.
  6. Canada/USA Math Camp- high schoolers, July 1 – August 5th, 2012, Tacoma WA, applications available starting March 1st, scholarships based upon need and sometimes merit.
  7. USAChess Camps  – K-12, one week camps all summer long; These camps are non-residential, but they are held in so many cities that you can probably find one in a place where a relative lives.   Grouping is based upon chess prowess, not age, so it’s ideal for gifted chess players.

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