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Recap: Building a Positive Home / School Connection

April 5, 2012

On Monday, April 2nd, the Gallatin Gifted Group hosted a talk at the Bozeman Public Library titled “Building a Positive Home/School Connection.”  Kiri Jorgensen, the speaker, is a mother of gifted children, a classroom teacher, and a former gifted coordinator, so she possesses the perfect combination of experiences to share practical and helpful tips.  Stressing that parents know their children’s potential better than any teacher ever can, she offered a series of steps parents can take to foster relationships with schools for the benefit of their kids.

Kiri described a series of thirteen links parents can use to “build a positive connection with the school that supports their gifted child’s needs AND positively support the teachers.”

Link 1 – Know the School

Research the program, policies, and how to set up meetings

Link 2 – Know Your School’s Administration

Link 3 – Know your Child’s Teacher

Link 4 – Be Visible at School

Contribute, as you are able, in multiple positive ways

Link 5 – Parent as Advocate, Student as Advocate

In early years, model positive problem solving, gradually let children advocate for themselves

Link 6 – Create an Academic Portfolio

Collect tests, examples of strong work, teacher notes, report cards and any other evidence of your child’s strengths

Link 7 – Come Prepared with Proposals

Propose an idea to help your child’s situation

Link 8 – Long Term Planning is Key

Link 9 – Willingness to Support Teacher in Program Implementation

Link 10 – Parent/Child Interviews

Have regular, positive, focused discussions with your child about his learning, his successes, his relationships with others and what it means to be gifted

Link 11 – “We’ve Got Your Back”

Make sure your child understands that you are his or her champion

Link 12 – Learning Takes Doses of Failure

Help your children learn from their mistakes, don’t always ‘fix’ things

Link 13 – Provide Support Outside of School

Learning opportunities do not stop at the school door

Building a positive home/school connection takes time, but it’s worth it!

To see Kiri’s entire presentation, click here.


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