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Math Camp to Excite Middle School Girls

May 26, 2012
Would your daughter get more excited about math if she could see how it ties to photography, painting, orienteering in the woods, planetary movements, and the rise & decline of bird and insect populations?   Then you definitely want to sign her up for  the 2nd Annual Math To Excite Summer Math Camp in Bozeman, presented by MSU and the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

The program will consist of:

  • a five-day summer camp (taught by K-12 teachers and faculty from MSU) filled with applied math activities,
  •  followed by work on individual projects (with mentorship by undergraduate math majors and faculty members),
  • culminating in a poster presentation in December of 2012.
  • Read about the specifics in this Math2XExcite Info Sheet.

Math in the arts, nature, and in careers will be the themes for the camp.

  • The camp is free
  • Open to all young women finishing 7th or 8th grade in the Bozeman area.
  • Monday, June 11 – Friday, June 15, 2012
  • Location: MSU campus
  • Spots are limited to 15 participants, so send in her Math2XExcite Application soon!

Questions?  Email Brian Lindaman, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences.

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