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Join Us @ “How Do Parents Cope with Overexcitabilities?”

October 4, 2012

Often people think parenting a gifted child is a piece of cake.  But our kids can exhibit personality traits that may seem extreme to others.  Our next Gallatin Gifted Group meeting will focus on practical ways to cope with these “intensities” or “overexcitabilities” that Jim DeLisle mentioned in his presentation last January.

Join us at the Bozeman Public Library Monday, October 15th at 7:00 pm for further discussion about how to deal – or help your child deal – with overexcitabilities.

You’ll benefit from this discussion if your child is ever described in terms like:

  • “He’s always daydreaming.” or “He’s easily distracted.”
  • “Once he makes up his mind to do something, he’s not satisfied until it’s accomplished.”
  • “She internalizes everything anyone says about her.”
  • “He’s always standing up for someone else or complaining that something isn’t fair.”
  • “She’s questioning our religious beliefs and my answers don’t satisfy her.”
  • “He overreacts to little things.”
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