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Coping with Overexcitabilities: The Presentation

October 17, 2012

ž“Gifted children take in information from the world around them; they react and respond more quickly and intensely than other children. They are stimulated both by what’s going on around them and by what moves them from within.  Because they can be so greatly stimulated, and because they perceive and process things differently, gifted children are often misunderstood.”

Living with Intensity, Daniels and Piechowski

On Monday, October 15th, a Gallatin Gifted Group parent session shared information on the “overexcitabilities” associated with giftedness:  the personality theory from which the term comes, the way these intensities are manifested, and the perception that these essential aspects of your child’s personality are assets to be nurtured rather than oddities to be corrected.

If you were unable to join us, you are nonetheless welcome to view the Overexcitabilities PowerPoint.  Resources that may be of interest to you are listed at its conclusion.

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