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Parents are invited to MEA/MFT, too.

September 1, 2013

How can you attend a two-day conference on gifted education for just $50?  Here’s a once-every-5-years opportunity.

If you’ve heard of the MEA/MFT Educator’s Conference, you know teachers attend. But did you also know that parents are welcome, too?

The conference, which will be held in Belgrade this October 17 & 18, features two days with many presentations and multiple keynote speakers, covering all subject areas. Montana AGATE (Association for Gifted and Talented Education) will be hosting a keynote speaker and 19 different presentations. Yes, some are specifically geared to teachers, but many will be appropriate to parents, too.

For Bozemanites, this is our best, least expensive chance to attend the Educator’s Conference, as it won’t be held in Belgrade again for 5 more years.  Don’t pass up this chance to get information you need to raise your gifted kids!

What can you learn about gifted kids at the AGATE strand at MEA/MFT’s conference? Lots!  Here are some of the AGATE presentations that are of interest to parents or counselors:

  • MEA 2013Challenging the Gifted Learner: A Parent’s Story
  • The Right Fit: College Planning for Gifted Kids
  • Gifted Myths & Truths: A Student’s Perspective (This was such a powerful message at the AGATE spring conference that the student was asked to reprise her presentation.)
  • Bioscience 4-H Montana
  • Meeting the Needs of Talented Math Students
  • Subject Acceleration & Grade Skipping in Real Life
  • Just Say “Know” about Brain Research in 2013

To see the complete list of presentations about gifted education, click here, then click on the tabs for “Sectionals” and “AGATE”.

Which sessions will you attend?

To attend, you must:

  1. Be a member of MEA/MFT (for $100+) or one of the participating “curriculum groups”, such as Montana AGATE (just $25). To join AGATE, click here to go to the Montana AGATE website and look for the Add to Cart button. Or, you can select AGATE as your “curriculum group fee” on the conference registration form.
  2.  Register for the Educators Conference by October 8th for just $25, which is a bargain for a 2-day conference.



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