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Recap of “Friendship & Gifted Kids”

September 30, 2013

At last week’s presentation on “Friendship and Gifted Kids”, Dr. Estee Aiken revealed some of the current research on friendship and also took time to discuss anecdotal, real life experiences of gifted kids and their friendship issues.  Those in attendance heard these points:

  • In general, gifted children are not deficient in social skills; however, it is more likely that they may be introverted.
  • Possessing social skills is not the same as being able to form satisfying friendships.
  • Gifted children often wish they had more friends.
  • HELPFUL HINT:  Children should be asked to describe what they are looking for in a friend and what they want from a friendship so the adults that care for them can provide better support.
  • Gifted kids want to be with people who mirror the person they perceive themselves to be, not the people we may choose for them!

Gifted kids are as emotionally well adjusted as any other group of children – but they may be at greater risk for social and emotional challenges if their specific needs are not met.  It was clear from Dr. Aiken’s research that children who interact with other gifted children in various settings will have a strong sense of their social competencies and the potential for satisfying friendships.

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