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New to Bozeman: Camp Invention

April 11, 2014

Camp InventionIt only took 20 years, but Bozeman will finally offer Camp Invention.  The Children’s Museum is sponsoring this fantastic week-long summer day camp, but it has been offered elsewhere in the USA for 2 decades and the curriculum is provided by the national organization.   If you have a creative kid, or one who like to take things apart to see how they work or build things, this camp will be right us his alley.  The inquiry-based approach fosters “whole systems” thinkers.  Children will learn how to think like inventors, problem-solve, collaborate, and create – while having tons of fun!

Each camper will participate in 4 different “modules” over the course of the week.  My favorite is  “I Can Invent: Pinbug”, where they take things apart and and use the pieces to create something new!

Sign your kids up now!

  • Register online by May 16 using the promo code SPRING to save $15!
  • Families that register 3 or more siblings will receive $50 off, per child.

Program Dates:     6/16 – 6/20/2014, 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Ages: children entering grades 1 – 6

Location:  202 South Willson Avenue (sponsored by Children’s Museum, but taking place katykorner in the Methodist Church)


Amplified®:  Grab your 3D laboratory glasses, embark on a bionic adventure, and unlock clues, which hold the key to acquiring superhuman senses. Invent bionic gadgets, encounter sensory illusions, and discover if you are a supertaster! Shoot information down zip-lines in a final high-speed challenge. Amplify your senses in this stimulating experience!

Super Go™:  Get revved up as you utilize nature’s blueprints to design your own, personalized, motor-powered vehicle that zooms on land and is prototyped to morph for underwater and sky-based navigation. Collect and spend energy coins on vehicle enhancements and fuel your engineering skills by building structures for the Super Go Road Rally!

Design Studio: Morphed!: Invent without limits as you design your own experience in this open studio. Tinker with circuits, and create prototypes utilizing features of nature. Engage in creative thinking exercises and thunderous Brainstorming sessions. Receive personalized invention challenges from National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees, and a Collegiate Inventors Competition winner who began working on his invention in the sixth grade. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, ignite!

I Can Invent: Pinbug: Take apart electronics and upcycle mechanical guts to build an epic, insect-themed pinball machine! Angle your way into Pinbug Machine physics, anatomy, and math by propelling the ball onto the playfield with the ultimate DIY launcher and anatomically inspired insect leg flippers. Rack up points and win the Pinbug Jackpot!

Children's Museum

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