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This page provides general information about selecting programs and sources to locate programs.  We try to serve as a resource of information for our members; please don’t construe that to mean we recommend or endorse any of the listed programs.

Aside from the program selection tips and national resources listed below, a gifted group in Texas has put together a great page on at-home enrichment (books, movies, games, etc.).

Feel free to share your experiences with any of these programs or recommend other opportunities that would be good for gifted children by entering your comments at the bottom of the page.


How should I select a program?

NAGC publishes a guide to evaluating summer programs.

Is this program a good fit for gifted kids?

It is maddening to spend big bucks for a summer camp, only to have your child conclude it was too easy.  If you want a program that will challenge and engage gifted kids, ask how they group kids or how they determine who qualifies as gifted.  When in doubt, ask to talk to previous participants.  The talent search programs and THINK Summer Institute are the most stringent about limiting enrollment to gifted kids.

Searching on a national level

Programs for gifted children through the regional Talent Identification programs:

Camps in Montana:

  • Peaks & Potentials, Bozeman, high-ability/high-potential students in grades 5-7  (not limited to gifted kids)
  • Carroll Gifted Institute, Helena, entering fifth grade through age 14 or entering ninth grade
  • SpectrUM, located on the University of Montana campus in Missoula, Montana, features a summer-long array of science camps, albeit mostly for day campers (not limited to gifted kids).
  • Montana Learning Center, Helena/Canyon Ferry offers several camps focusing on math & science (not limited to gifted kids).
  • MedStart: Because gifted kids have the potential to be many things and also because some of them accelerate their education, they often need to be introduced to potential career choices earlier.  A great option for those interested in health-care careers is MedStart, a free one-week summer camp at MSU (June 24-30, 2012), MSU-B, and UM.    Seventy high school sophomores and juniors are selected through a competitive application process to participate in one-on-one training with professionals, job shadowing, clinic tours, suturing & dissecting animals, financial aid information and social activities like hiking, rafting and barbecues.  Application deadline: March 16, 2012.   Questions?  Call Bergen Morehouse at 683-2790.  (Not limited to gifted kids.)
  • Schwanke Institute for High School Students:  This University of Montana residential summer program allows high school students to take one of three courses, each of which will be taught by outstanding faculty members associated with the Davidson Honors College, and earn college credit.  Application deadline: April 1.  (Not limited to gifted kids.)
  • Aviation Summer Camp at Gallatin Field:  A one-day camp for kids ages 9-12 includes tours, a flight, and GPS skills.

Camps in the region:

  • The Summer Enrichment Program at the University of Northern Colorado is  a two-week-long experience for gifted youth who are entering 5th – 10th grade. Students get to pick four classes.  A Leadership Enrichment Program is also offered for gifted students who are entering grades 11 and 12. A Young Child Program is available for gifted kids age 4 through entering 4th grade.
  • Yunasa West, Sedalia, CO, for highly gifted individuals between the ages of 10 and 14. The mission of Yunasa is to teach campers techniques and skills for integrating the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical aspects of their lives. Yunasa is devoted to reminding bright young people that they are more than just intellect.”
  • Epsilon, Colorado College, a new summer camp for the exceptionally (EG) and profoundly (PG) gifted, ages 8 to 10 years old.  “Epsilon Camp combines an intellectually rigorous student camp running in parallel with a parent workshop addressing the concerns and challenges of raising EG/PG children. Epsilon students will be exposed to mathematics enrichment not available anywhere else at this time for their age group.”
  • MathPath, Advanced Summer Camp for students age 11-14 who show high promise and love mathematics, held for 4 weeks at a different location each year.  In 2011, it will be held at Colorado College.
  • For more math camps, see our blog post on the subject,  “Math Whizzes, Apply Here“.

Assistance for profoundly gifted children

The Davidson Young Scholars program offers free consulting, guidebooks, and other services for profoundly gifted students.

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  1. She-Bear permalink*
    February 3, 2009 3:14 am

    My son is returning to Texas Honors Summer Math Camp in San Marcos for his third summer. He says he learns more there than he does in a semester at school.

  2. Anton permalink
    February 9, 2011 4:38 pm

    My son is currently using the Stanford program (EPGY) for math. I would love to get an open enrollment group organized in the Bozeman area. Are there other interested families? It is a much less expensive way to use the same course materials, but I think that we need eight kids to make a school group. Post a comment if interested!

  3. Mary Ann permalink
    April 21, 2011 3:45 am

    The Berkeley Chess School has a number of summer camps in Berkeley California in June, July and August. A great way to keep a kid(s) engaged and have a wonderful family vacation at the same time.

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